Customs Brokerage

360 Logistics has a dedicated in-house team of experienced customs brokers and trade professionals who provide a sophisticated yet streamlined approach to all customs clearance requirements. We facilitate customs and quarantine clearances for all international imports at all destinations in New Zealand, and through our extensive global network we can offer consistently high levels of clearance and border management facilitating entry to all areas of the globe.

Our import customs services include the co-ordination and management of clearances with all appropriate agriculture, forestry, health and other community protection agencies plus we can assist importers with tariff opinions, duty concessions and landed cost reporting. Simply stated, 360 Logistics will find the lowest legal rate of customs duties and ensure your freight costs are competitive.

Our full range of customs clearance and brokerage services include:

  • Electronic pre-clearance of import and export shipments
  • Electronic funds transfer for duty payments
  • Duty drawback calculation
  • Origin rulings
  • Technical valuations
  • Landed cost reporting
  • Quarantine formalities
  • Shipment monitoring and Status reports
  • Dumping duty formalities
  • Local transport and deliveries
  • Tariff classification advice and listing
  • Consultancy services including legislation advice

360 Logistics are members of Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation of New Zealand (CBAFF New Zealand).

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Import Personal Effects Clearances

Importing personal effects is a complicated and time consuming process that requires professional expertise and guidance. We can facilitate the clearance process, and provide advice and practical information on both the physical importation of goods and New Zealand legal obligations and compliance requirements. We ensure customers have all required information including what to expect and what is required to ensure your personal and household belongings are cleared in a timely manner.

Scope of Personal Effects Co-ordination Services:

We have built a strong global network of relocation specialists, freight forwarders and shipping agents to ensure a first class service at the right price. Our experienced team will guide you through all aspects of importing household and personal effects including customs clearance, associated processes, charges and concessions, and any applicable restrictions and documentation.


Our team can guide you through what to expect when importing goods into New Zealand including the process for customs clearance, charges and concessions, restrictions on goods and all associated documentation.

Whether you’re arriving by sea or air, Customs New Zealand have all the information you need to make sure you’re prepared. This includes helpful tips and advice, what papers you will be required to complete, items you can bring in to New Zealand, charges, as well as fees and duties you might expect when entering NZ. For more information, visit the Customs New Zealand website


360 Logistics can provide information and advice on New Zealand Duty Free conditions. The below information provides a basic overview:

  • Ensure your personal baggage Declaration (this form is available on the Duty Free Conditions section of this website) is completed and signed.
  • Provide a photocopy of your passport and a full inventory or list of contents of what is in the shipment.
  • Forward the shipping arrival notification eg the Bill of Lading, Airwaybill or Arrival Notice.
  • Do not pay the charges referred to therein, as we pay these on your behalf and collect from you prior to delivery along with our own charges for customs clearance and delivery.
  • Send your declaration, inventory, copy of passport and original bill of lading (where required) to us, by post or courier at either address along with your delivery instructions. We can arrange a courier to uplift at your expense, within New Zealand if preferred.
  • If you are overseas when your goods are due to arrive, you must provide us with a letter of authorisation to act on your behalf, your passport number and inventory. We would complete the Declaration on your behalf. A relative can also be authorised.
  • We recommend that you start this process immediately you receive the Arrival Notice, to avoid wharf / airport storage charges as Customs take at least 48 hours to process electronic declarations.


The average “free storage ” period allowed by port authorities is 3 to 5 days after discharge or availability.

Full containers must be returned by the carrier to the de-hire depots within 3 days after delivery to avoid detention charges. It is your responsibility to instruct the carrier to return the container otherwise you will be billed detention charges.

The charges you may incur are as follows:

  • NZ Port Service or container handling / unpacking charge.
  • Shipping company release fee
  • Forestry / biosecurity charges
  • NZ Customs processing fees.
  • Cartage ex wharf to delivery address plus labour if needed.
  • Customs / Quarantine clearance

360 Logistics can provide more information on all the charges listed above and can advise you of the best way to manage your container on arrival in New Zealand. For more information, contact us here


If you are an immigrant, or are returning to New Zealand after 21 months or more, you are entitled to concessions on private boats and aircraft that either accompany you or are sent separately.

It is possible to import more than one boat or aircraft duty free if you are able to meet all the concessionary requirements for each boat or aircraft. These are also outlined on the Customs New Zealand website.

If you are NOT entitled to concessionary entry of a boat or an aircraft, then you will need to pay Customs duty and other applicable charges. 360 Logistics can provide advice and information on concessionary requirements, customs duty and any other applicable charges that may be incurred. contact us for more information.


If you are an immigrant, or are returning to New Zealand after 21 months or more, you are entitled to concessions on private motor vehicles that either accompany you or are sent separately. It is possible to import more than one motor vehicle, motorcycle, or motor scooter duty free if you are able to meet all concessionary requirements. These are outlined on the Customs New Zealand website. A motor vehicle includes:
  • Car
  • Motor Cycle
  • Scooter
  • Ambulance
  • Motor Home
If you are NOT entitled to concessionary entry of a motor vehicle, then you will need to pay Customs duty and other applicable charges. 360 Logistics can provide further advice and information on
  • Concessionary requirements
  • Customs charges, duties and allowances
  • Other applicable charges that may be incurred.
  • Customs Value Depreciation rates
  • Valuation of privately imported motor vehicles
  • General motor vehicle import advice
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