Hamburg Sud – Shanghai Customs Restriction for Meat Imports

Due to the recent cases of Swine Flu, effective immediately Shanghai Customs have placed the below restrictions on meat imports moving via the following terminals:

Wai Gao Qiao (WGQ) Terminal:

Domestic transhipment of pig related products via WGQ terminal is now forbidden.

Yangshan Terminal:

Domestic transhipment of ALL meat related products including but not limited to beef, lamb, pork, poultry, casings or other and meat and bone meal products via Yangshan terminal is also forbidden.

Please note this restriction applies only to cargo with a final destination in China and transhipping via Shanghai. All meat shipments to final destination Shanghai are still acceptable.

To comply with this new requirement by Shanghai Customs, all bookings yet to sail will be routed via an alternate port depending on the final destination with prior discussion and agreement.